Studio Policy / Registration

The following covers the tuition policy and general rules for enrollment with the Academy. Please read, sign and return a copy of the last page with your enrollment form.

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Tuition is due and payable in advance and is non-refundable. Checks should be made out to the individual instructor (not to Lake Oswego Music Academy). Late fees will be charged if tuition is more than two weeks overdue. A $25.00 registration fee will be charged annually per student to help defray operating expenses, for recital hall rental and program production costs. This check will be made payable to Lake Oswego Music Academy and should be attached to the registration form.

The basic fee schedule is $60/1 hr $30/half hour but is arranged through each individual studio. Some teachers have a full term tuition so you may pay in monthly allotments or at the beginning of each term in full. This allows each teacher to accommodate the needs of their studio appropriately.


Success with applied music study requires a serious commitment on the part of both students and parents. Daily practice is an absolute given and parental involvement is required to ensure that a student will have the discipline to succeed. Parental participation will help your student to gain the sense of accomplishment and achievement that comes with reaching musical goals.


There will be at least one major recital per term for students to participate in. Additional performance classes will also be held periodically for individual and combined studios.
All of the instructors are members of professional organizations (e.g., OMTA, NATS, MENC) and participate in putting students in competitive and non-competitive performance events. It is important for students to have goals to prepare for in order to improve their overall musical and performance skills.
Additionally, LOMA has a performing faculty and offers the special benefit of opportunities for students to hear their teachers perform in concert.

Lake Oswego Music Academy reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time. If a student decides to withdraw from the school 30-day advance notice is requested.

Students are asked to arrive on time for lessons. Other children must not be allowed to be in attendance and unsupervised. Whatever the location for private lessons, recitals, special events, or summer camp, in the use of a facility we must respect the property and policy of use as determined by contract or as otherwise stipulated.

The policy for parent attendance of lessons will be up to the individual instructor. If other siblings are in the room who are being disruptive you may be asked to take them elsewhere. It is important for the parents to observe their child’s progress, but the instructor needs to establish a rapport with the student. Please turn cell phones off and make calls outside of the studio.

If you are dropping your student off, please pick them up on time as we cannot be responsible for looking after them once the lesson is over.

LOMA recitals are a very important part of cultivating our students for their participation in many types of festivals, competitions and concerts where they showcase their dedication and hard work. We do allow for taping of the recitals and request this be handled as professionally as possible so it does not disturb the performance atmosphere for the students. Please let us know any concerns you may have about performances. If you need to arrive late, we will make every effort to make this as easy and supportive as possible for every student to play their best.

By signing this agreement we agree to the terms stated above and agree to hereby release Lake Oswego Music Academy from any liability; that no lawsuits or complaints will be filed against Lake Oswego Music Academy for any reason.