Private Lessons

Music Program Includes the Following:

Development is designed for the individual student’s mastery of musical language. Music is primarily a performing art and the student is encouraged to perform: From memory, Awareness of styles, Empower personal creativity and presentation


The lesson structure depends upon the age and developmental stage of the student:

  • Basic reading skills
  • Concentration and Communication are enhanced through musical mastery
  • Focus for identification of musical terms that Creates greater expressiveness for the individual and comprehension of music as language.

Strings Program includes the following instruments:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Guitar
  • Suzuki Violin
  • Chamber Music

Suzuki Performance Classes:
Suzuki is a unique combination of philosophy and teaching that centers on the needs and capabilities of children. Lessons are short in the beginning and are divided between parent and child. Parents are an integral part of each lesson and oversee daily practice. All students have weekly private and group lessons, where they enjoy playing and learning together. Suzuki lessons are friendly and non competitive, but individual standards are high. Suzuki teachers believe that ALL children possess the ability to play well. All pieces are memorized, which develops concentration, memory and intonation.


Skills that develop technical mastery
Development of the individual’s musical approach
Exploration of Repertoire


Solo Repertoire – Concerto Repertoire – Chamber Music Repertoire
Special Skills for Piano
General Accompanying
Art Song – How to support the singer
Choir – How to support the conductor and choir