Classical Guitarist Peter Zisa, an intimate yet brilliant player both authentic and innovative with the particular gift of inspiration that speaks to all ages …

Flutist LeeAnn McKenna

“LeeAnn’s tone, touch, her taste, are impeccable.”
–John Dodge: Guitarist, Performer, Recording Artist, and Former Program Director at WCRB-FM in Boston and KQAC-FM in Portland, OR)

Peter Zisa / LeeAnn McKenna / Yukiko Yamaguchi

“Thousand Waves – guitar, flute and koto – definitely lives up to its reputation. Thousand Waves amazing musical performance elicited uniform praise among all in attendance for their unique musical synthesis music genres and educational commentary. Their rendition of Sakura/Take Five was intriguing and moving. Thousand Waves is definitely on the list for return performance.”
- Eric Carter: Performance Event Coordinator – Tigard Library (August, 2013)

The ATA Ensemble excels in Russian and French repertoire with passion an flare! The trio has special arrangements of pieces for particular events and alternates solos, duets and trios in their performances. ” … I could have listened to this ensemble all night.” M.U.
Anna Kazakova (soprano) / Tatiana Kolchanova (violin) / Anne D. Young (piano)